type of whatsapp accounts

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of WhatsApp and explore the different types of WhatsApp accounts and this shiny new thing called WhatsApp Cloud API. WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that offers text, voice and video calls ,media sharing ,and group chats.It has become a valuable tool for businesses to to connect with customers […]

SMS Revolution: 7 Remarkable Ways It Has Transformed Diverse Industries


Unlocking the Potential: The Power of SMS Across Industries In today’s hyper-connected world, the Short Message Service (SMS) has evolved into a powerful tool that spans across various industries, transforming the way businesses communicate, engage with customers, and drive growth. This universal form of messaging, originally designed for simple text-based communication, has found its place […]


SMS in the healthcare sector

CONVENIENT SMS SCHEDULING IN THE HEALTH-CARE SECTOR SMS emerges as a powerful marketing tool within the healthcare industry, serving medical professionals in mobile health marketing, appointment reminders, confirmation texts, and healthcare advertising. Conversational text messaging from Sozuri makes managing schedules and reminders part of a simple, personal conversation. Which makes your patients even happier. Here’s […]

Why SMS For Healthcare Communication?

sms in healthcare

Previous Next Healthcare communication in Kenya has received a significant boost with the integration of Short Message Service (SMS) into the sector’s communication and management strategies. In a nation where mobile phone penetration is remarkably high, SMS provides a practical and cost-effective method to engage patients, improve health outcomes, and manage healthcare resources more effectively. […]

Why is SMS Automation important for customer Engagement?

automated-SMS-for customer Engagement

Optimize Customer Engagement through SMS Automation. Transform your communication strategy now and unlock the untapped potential.¬† Short Message Service (SMS) stands out as a powerful tool, delivering a staggering 90% open rate within the first three minutes of delivery. This unparalleled immediacy makes SMS a direct and effective channel for businesses seeking to engage their […]

Christmas-12 Thrilling Tips To Keep Customers Engaged Over The Holidays

customer-engagement-over christmas

Businesses bear the responsibility of maintaining their customers’ engagement throughout the christmas entire holiday season. Ho, ho, ho! The sound of Santa’s merry laughter and the jingle of reindeer bells can only mean one thing: the most magical time of the year is almost here! It’s that¬† season when our hearts are aglow, and the […]

Emerging Customer Engagement Trends in 2023:Thriving in client Engagement

Emerging customer engagement trends

Customer engagement or client engagement refers to the interaction and involvement of customers with a brand, product, or service. It goes beyond a simple one off transactional relationship .It encompasses the emotional and psychological connection that customers develop with a business. In recent years, businesses have displayed remarkable enthusiasm in their relentless pursuit of innovative […]

Why Short Code?:Effortless Lead Generation with Shortcodes


A short code is five or six-digit telephone number used for sending and receiving text messages on mobile phones. It’s often used for activities like marketing campaigns, surveys, and contests because it’s easy to remember and can handle a large number of messages.These short codes are often pre-approved by mobile carriers .They are not subject […]

7 Innovative Tips for Securing Customer Consent in SMS Marketing

Customer consent in sms

Customer consent in SMS marketing is not only a legal requirement in many jurisdictions but also a fundamental ethical and practical consideration. Here are several reasons why you need customerconsent for SMS marketing:Legal Compliance: In many countries, including Kenya, there are strict regulations governing electronic marketing messages, including SMS marketing. Failure to obtain proper consent […]

WhatsApp Cloud API: How Do You Embark on The Exciting Journey with WhatsApp Cloud API?

whatsApp cloud API

Unlocking the Power of WhatsApp Cloud API: Imagine a world where your business communication is seamless, efficient, and secure, where you can connect with your customers like never before. Welcome to the world of WhatsApp Cloud API, a game-changer in the realm of customer engagement. The Release of WhatsApp Cloud API – May 19, 2022 […]