Customer consent in SMS marketing is not only a legal requirement in many jurisdictions but also a fundamental ethical and practical consideration. Here are several reasons why you need customer
consent for SMS marketing:
Legal Compliance: In many countries, including Kenya, there are strict regulations governing electronic marketing messages, including SMS marketing. Failure to obtain proper consent can result in legal penalties and fines.
Privacy Protection: SMS messages are considered private communications, and individuals have a right to control who can send messages to their mobile devices. Requiring consent respects individuals’
privacy rights.
Trust Building: Requiring customer consent in sms marketing fosters trust between your brand and your customers. When individuals voluntarily opt in to receive SMS marketing messages, they are more likely to perceive your messages positively and engage with your content.
Relevance: Customer Consent in sms ensures that you are sending messages to individuals who are genuinely interested in your products or services. This leads to higher engagement rates and a better return on investment for your marketing efforts.
Avoiding Spam: Without customers consent, SMS messages can be perceived as spam. Sending unsolicited messages can damage your brand’s reputation and lead to customer complaints.

customer consent in sms

Customer Preferences: Consent allows individuals to choose how they want to interact with your brand. It respects their preferences, ensuring that they only receive communication via SMS if they find it valuable.
Reducing Opt-Outs: When customers have given explicit consent to receive SMS messages, they are less likely to opt out or unsubscribe, reducing churn in your marketing list.

customer consent in sms
Data Security: Collecting consent helps you manage customer data responsibly and securely. It ensures that you have a legitimate reason for storing and using customers’ contact information.
Audience Segmentation: Consent enables you to segment your SMS marketing list based on customer preferences and interests, allowing for more targeted and relevant messaging.customer consent in sms 

Accountability: Having a record of customer consent provides a level of accountability for your marketing practices. It demonstrates that you are following ethical and legal guidelines.
Positive Customer Experience: When customers receive SMS messages they’ve opted in for, it enhances their overall experience with your brand.They are more likely to appreciate the communication and engage with your promotions.
Long-Term Relationships: Building a list of customers who have willingly opted in for SMS marketing allows you to establish and maintain long-term relationships. It’s a foundation for ongoing communication and customer loyalty.

Let’s dive into these 7 remarkable tips to get those coveted consent from your customers

customer consent in sms


    • In-Person Events
      In-person events are all about high engagement and the possibility of making real connections. Engaging people at an in-person event starts with planning exciting activities in between sessions, presentations, exhibitions and even networking sessions.Ask attendees for their contacts information and let them sign up right there on physical forms. It’s like inviting them to join your SMS party in person.

    • Product Packaging Power Move – Call to action on the packagingcustomer consent in smsMake your product packaging work for you? Add irresistible calls-to-action(CTAs) that encourage customers to opt in. It’s as simple as “Text-to-order if you’re running low!” Once they place an order, offer them the chance to sign up for juicy updates on new u and sales.

    • Email Know-How: Leverage Your Reach!
      You’ve got a treasure of email contacts, right? Use them! Send out email blast promoting your SMS program. Make it super easy for customers to subscribe directly from the email. Highlight limited-time offers to create some Fear of Missing Out.

    • Pop-Up Discounts
      When customers land on your website, give them a delightful surprise with offer pop-ups. Discounts are like digital candy; they’re hard to resist! You can also create a VIP offer pop-up to collect even more numbers through opting in for sms.

    • Checkout Page Opt in
      While your customers are excitedly filling up their shopping carts, seize the moment! Add an SMS opt-in option right on the checkout page. As they’re about to seal the deal, they’ll want to know about new products, offers and opportunities to to get consent for sms marketing

    • Webform to capture visitors! Your website should be your playground for collecting customer information. Embed the Webforms across your pages to capture contacts and emails from new visitors.


    1. WhatsApp button
      Embed WhatsApp on your website – it’s like having a direct hotline to your customers. You’ll be collecting contacts for SMS while giving them multiple ways to reach you.Make your customers feel like they’re joining an exclusive club with your SMS marketing. Don’t forget to keep a record of that consent .