APIs in Kenya

SOZURI (KENYA) SMS Module for WHMCS Consume Sozuri APIs through the official SMS Center for WHMCS . Overview SMS Center For WHMCS has been designed to let you send text messages to both your clients and staff members right from within your WHMCS. The module now supports SOZURI SMS gateways. With it, you will be allowed […]

Zuka by Sozuri

Zuka Mpesa is an instant payment notification enabling businesses to send personalized SMS every time a customers pays to their Paybill or Till. The Authorized Business owner also receives Daily and Weekly summary of transactions.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Sozuri Account for Developers

Sozuri customer Engagement

3.  Access your project dashboard: After creating a project, you will be redirected to your project dashboard. You can also access your project dashboard at any time by clicking on “Dashboard” . 4. Generate API keys: To access the Sozuri API, you need to generate API keys. Click on “API Details”  | Bottom left(Picture above) 5. […]

Explanation : Delivery Message Statuses

SMS sent – All messages attempted to be sent irrespective of status. SMS delivered – The mobile carrier has received confirmation that the message has been delivered to the recipient’s phone. SMS pending – Message has been processed and sent to the mobile operator with request acknowledgment from their platform. The delivery report has not […]