Consume Sozuri APIs through the official SMS Center for WHMCS .


SMS Center For WHMCS has been designed to let you send text messages to both your clients and staff members right from within your WHMCS. The module now supports SOZURI SMS gateways. With it, you will be allowed to verify new customers and orders, as well as establish two-factor authentication to access your system.

This module will empower you to create easily editable SMS templates that correspond to specific WHMCS email templates, both default and custom ones. You will be able to send single text messages as well, simply through picking a customer or typing in any number manually. What is more, SMS Center For WHMCS will allow you to text your administrators upon specific events, e.g. when important tickets are opened. As another option, you can design templates for mass SMS messages and send them at any preferred time, following the adjustable recipient filtering. If needed, you will be allowed to regulate multiple configurations under every active SMS gateway, each dedicated to a different group of countries. Having all kinds of sent messages stored in the archive, you as well as your clients can quickly browse and review any notification whenever wanted.

At any moment, your clients will be free to decide whether or not to receive SMS notifications. Once they opt in, they will be allowed to select particular types of messages they would like to have access to. Text notifications can be also used to equip customers with tokens required to complete the process of account or order activation.

Go beyond the ordinary means of securing a rapid and efficient flow of information. Open up a new channel of customer devotion with SMS Center For WHMCS, and stay close to your audience anytime, anywhere!


  • Admin Area
    1. Notify Your Clients And Administrators Via SMS Messages
    2. Use Single Or Multiple Configurations Per SMS Gateway
    3. Define SMS Gateway Rules Per Country
    4. Send SMS Using Client’s Phone Number Field Or Custom Filed
    5. Use SMS Queue To Send SMS Within Defined Time Period
    6. Manage List Of Queued SMS
    7. Send Single SMS To Chosen Client Or Type In Any Number Manually
    8. Send Mass SMS Using Recipient Filtering
    9. Define SMS Template Counterpart Of Each Email Template
    10. Define Mass SMS Templates
    11. Estimate Message Length Using Character Counter
    12. Create Different Language Versions Of Each SMS Template
    13. Choose SMS Notifications To Be Received By Each Administrator
    14. Notify Chosen Administrators Via SMS When:
      • Specified Product Is Ordered
      • Specified Product Addon Is Ordered
      • Specified Domain Is Ordered
      • Ticket With Specified Priority Is Opened Or Flagged
      • Support Ticket Have Response
      • Support Ticket Department Reassigned
      • Specified Administrator Or Client Logs In
      • Product Automatic Setup Failed Or Succeeded
      • Service Is Suspended
      • Service Unsuspension Failed Or Succeeded
      • Domain Renewal Failed Or Succeeded
      • New Order Is Submitted
      • New Cancellation Request Is Submitted
    15. Enable/Disable SMS Notifications Per Administrator
    16. Enable/Disable SMS Gateways
    17. Check Connection With SMS Gateways
    18. Enable/Disable SMS Templates
    19. View Verification Status Of Clients And Orders On WHMCS Lists
    20. Manage Clients Verification Status, Accepting SMS And Marketing SMS Agreements From Addon
    21. Manually Verify Client Status On Client Summary Page
    22. Send SMS From Client Summary Page
    23. SMS Templates – Merge Fields Support
    24. Choose Client Custom Field To Be Used As Client Phone Number
    25. Set Custom Token Length And Characters Set
    26. Adjust Format Number To International Automatically
    27. View SMS History
    28. View Logs

Client Area

  1. Choose To Opt-In/Out From Receiving SMS Messages
  2. Choose SMS Notifications To Receive
  3. View SMS History
  4. Request SMS Token To Be Resent

Mass SMS Recipient Filtering

  • Client Account Filter:
    1. Account Statuses
    2. Account Custom Fields
    3. Account Languages
  • Addon Filter:
    • Purchased Addons
    • Purchased Addon Statuses
  • Domain Filter:
    • Domain Statuses
  • Product Filter:
    • Purchased Products
    • Purchased Product Statuses
    • Purchased Product Servers

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